Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Nice Day with Exinfour!!!

On Thursday, 21 feb, Exinfour's had a nice day! It's GREAT #bolditalicunderline. AMAZING #bolditalicunderlinered. We took a picture by Alima and using Cindy's camera. Alima is very good to take a photograph. Do you want to see? Let's check it out

She is Alima. Beautiful, right? taken by: Adelia

We are like a family, right?

Alima say, we're like James Bond =D

She is Putri. She is promote Canon's camera

Luthfi look beautiful, man \m/

We are DeNFaFi :)

Luthfi like the main character

Aulia very Beautiful, guys \m/

Thank's readers for your visit.
Never say 'BORING' with my blog :)

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